Student Counselling

At Campusquare, our student counselling programs are provided in a scientific manner  to school children with the purpose to impart specific skills and learning opportunities , ensuring all students achieve  success through academic, career and personal/social guidance. Campusquare structures development  activities based upon preventative, developmental, and remedial  needs of the student. Annual reviews  provide accountability and continuous improvement of student progress, the  program and staff.

Our programs  comprehensively target four areas of development


Students are prepared for the challenges of the future through our life skill programs which includes career self management and social interaction.  Their knowledge of the  changing world is broadened and through proactive  career exploration and planning  necessary skill sets and mindset to succeed is developed thus transforming their lives.


Their children are holistically developed for facing challenges of the future and their  academics are tied to the next step. Financially distressed parents are provided with financial support for their child’s academic, career and personal development. Our programs encourage  increased parent/school interaction.


Our programs help teachers define their role clearly along with providing them support for the  academic success of each student . Teachers over time take up the role of counsellors


An opportunity for collaboration and participation of community members is created with the school program.

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