Skill Development

Our aim is to create a globally accredited skill training for employability & self employment program for rural and  semi urban youth. To establish a strong domestic and international presence in education, training and skills sector and be considered a leader in delivering innovative programs through the prudent use of technology.

Using   technology as a backbone we provide students with relevant training and build necessary skill sets to succeed in their careers and  help transform their lives.


These  programs are designed leveraging practical industry experiences and incorporate components that make learning effective and ensure participants exceed expectations of knowledge , attitude, approach, motivation, strategy, creativity, innovation and behaviour, and, stay competitive. Our programs are customizable, up-to-date and bundled with interactive real-life case studies to make learning relevant to individual work roles and to provide action points for students  that will be beneficial for executing work tasks. our focus is With focus on key areas of operations and growth opportunities.

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Our  Skill Development programmes are


Funded  by an employer

These could be a hire and train system , onsite recruitment  or  on–the–job training opportunities.

Self funded by the student

The fee is paid by the student himself in instalments of the tenure of this / her training period.

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