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Birth of Campusquare Foundation


Through our travels across length and breadth of the country  we learned that  the quality of education in rural schools is dismal. There is an immediate need to have  innovative and sustainable solutions including involving the community towards  transforming the rural landscape and its young generation. Thought here is a rapid rise of education in rural India there’s much to be done.

Various surveys conducted among 14-18-year-olds found out that  43% could solve a class IV mathematics problem.  40%  could not locate their state on a map of India. 27% of 14-year-olds, and 21% of 18-year-olds could not read a class II textbook in the regional language, and more than 40% in each age group could not read a simple sentence in English. This is important as more than two-thirds, roughly 85 million live in rural India –  the future of the nation.

The good side of the story is girls have closed the gap with boys in rural areas: at age 14, 94% of girls and 95% of boys are enrolled in school; by age 18, 68% of girls and 72% of boys are still in school.

The not so good side is the fact that the quality of education in rural schools is dismal and this affects the rural youth  when it comes to looking for employment. we fear,  it’s a calamity waiting to happen.


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Campusquare Foundation is committed to raise the quality of education in rural schools

Campusquare Foundation understands this and is committed to raise the quality of education in rural schools and aims to be able teach underprivileged students how to recognize a chance and seize it by increasing expectations, teaching life skills and holding students accountable for their choices, not necessarily their circumstances.

Campusquare partners with NGO’s and Government bodies enhancing the quality of education imparted through the use of innovative teaching methods and technology.  Our aim is to work towards overall personality development and reduction of drop outs through our three step program – delivering (imparting education), counselling and progress mapping.

Campusquare through its life skills centre, will train unemployed youth toward enhancing and transforming lives. Our life skills centres  play a key role creating a literate, self sufficient society. Our aim is to uplift the quality of life of the bulk of our rural and semi-urban population by providing them job oriented programs. 

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