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“Our dream is to work toward enhancing and transforming lives of underprivileged children and youth across semi urban and rural areas”. 

Sangeeta Singh

Managing Trustee

A rural management graduate, Sangeeta has spent all her life working selflessly with underprivileged children. She strongly believes in the fact that  providing the right opportunity and environment will change the landscape of rural India. Her experience spans across handling projects under various nongovernmental organisations including the Red Cross in Sanitation and Hygiene, National Food for Work Programs, Personality Development Programs and facilitating Vocational Guidance.

Working with underprivileged children for over a decade, Sangeeta understood that a child’s development goes beyond the elementary education that our system provides. Currently our  systems  believe students have hard lives, which includes poverty and or broken homes, therefore any expectations from such students almost always ends in failure.

She believes that  the education system is stifling progress of students. The need of the hour is to teach students to overcome their circumstances, indentify the skill sets, guide and provide for necessary infrastructure  and  help them strive  for excellence.  Students must be taught how to compete with their peers, despite their obstacles.

She is an active member in the state of Bihar for Human and Child Rights and has been actively advocating gender issues in different forums.

Tarun Kumar Singh

Co-Founder & Board Member

TKS has immense expertise in leading organizations through change management. Having spent two decades in the corporate world setting up and scaling business, Tarun decided to fulfil his passion of working with the underprivileged  children and ensuring a meaningful education is provided to all. 

A Financial services professional and a start up specialist, Tarun works along with Sangeeta in the areas of collaborations, funding and new opportunities.

During his free time you would find Tarun teaching or mentoring students.

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