Volunteer Internship

As a volunteer with  Campusquare there is no age limit, no work experience required  to associate. If you have the dedication towards the cause, and a commitment Campusquare welcomes you to join hands.

Write to us on connect@campusquare.org  with your resume and duration of internship required. Do mention any of your specific skill or you have a specific interest/wish list.  With Campusquare we  will  ensure that you get to explore your skills and strengths by working on different aspects  of our processes.

You can volunteer with us in various ways:

Be an advocate of our work

Network, meet people and spread our initiative and get people to associate with us in various ways  – financial assistance, sponsoring local events, meeting school children needs,  donating unsold material/ dead inventory.

Work with children

You may want to volunteer as a story teller for after School activities , tutor students in English, maths, science or may want to provide time for student counselling sessions, train kids in sports.  

Organizing Awareness Cum Collection Camps

Wherever you may be are, you can organize a collection camp for Campusquare, in your city and we would coordinate with you in collection.

Get in Touch. 

Have a question or just want to get in touch? Message us below!

Call Us: 080 48661591