Train the Trainer

We realised that the way of teaching differs in rural schools when compared to urban areas and the teaching methodology in rural schools is primitive. The biggest challenge lies in making the present generation learners future-ready along with ensuring that there is no dearth of teachers, teacher absenteeism is reduced  and  quality of teachers improves. As many teachers are not tech-savvy our programs prepare them to be able to handle basic technology in classrooms comfortably.

Our foundation trains teachers of government, municipal schools based on the requirements of teachers. Our program aims to improve the teaching and training practices and aims to raise the level of English skills, maths and science. Imparting adequate knowledge on the subject matter, equipping the prospective teachers with pedagogic skills, enabling the teacher to acquire understanding of child psychology, developing proper attitudes towards teaching, enabling teachers to make use of proper instructional facilities, enabling the teachers to understand the significance of individual child differences and take appropriate steps for their optimum development and development of children’s ability to are some of the major objectives of our program.

We believe that this should be  facilitated by community engagement  and therefore we groom teachers  in rural schools to handle the rural communities which send their wards to the schools.

We are working towards connecting rural learners and teaching volunteers through digital classrooms in order to create passionate teachers.

We support teachers to develop their knowledge and skills of learning centred teaching techniques which they can apply in their classrooms. Our aim is to build the capacity of a the teaching fraternity who would lead on our  professional development programmes for other  teachers.

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