Vocational Training

Campusquare is working towards training  the rural  youth  in the age group of 18‐21 years  with employable skills and providing them an  access to employment and entrepreneurship opportunities. 17 million people move into the “employable age” category every year. About 7 million people a fall into the agriculture sector and due to lack of formal education cannot prepare them for agriculture enterprise activity.

3 million fall into the SSI sector or self employment sector as their formal education cannot guarantee them a better opportunity. The balance of 7 million people is the unemployed segment. India has the lowest proportion of trained people in vocational education.

We at Campusquare dream to make the youth employment ready by offering vocational education in the form of customised programs to individuals including technical skill , soft skills and job specific trainings. We intend to be a leader in skill training for employability & self employment of youth in India and to create a globally accredited skill training for employability & self employment program for semi urban and rural youth.

15 million youth need initial vocational training every year.

Private & public institutional capacity is only 3 million. Over the next five years, India will have surplus of un-trained and under-educated people of around 1.5 million and will fall short of skilled people by about 5 million.

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